Dr. Ramon De’Leon

dr ramon de leonRamon de Leon was born and raised in a south Texas farming community near the Texas Mexico border. Graduated from a rural high school in 1962 and began traveling in the states. Attended several colleges depending where I found myself and eventually graduated from Our Lady of the Lake in San Antonio in 1973 with a major in biology.

The eleven year period between high school and college was spent in numerous menial jobs and military duty in the mid to late sixties. In 1971 I married Yolanda de Leon and have two children, Angela and Daniel AKA “The Kid”. I was fortunate to be encouraged by Richard Anderson to apply to Meharry Dental School in 1973. As it has turned out that advice and encouragement has been one of the most life redirecting events of my life.

I completed a dental degree in 1977 at Meharry Dental School followed by a short period in Houston in private practice while my wife attended law school at the University of Houston and subsequently relocated to Harlingen, Texas. I am involved in the arts and culture locally. I helped found Narciso Martinez Cultural Arts Center in San Benito, Texas; Cine Sol Film Festival; aided in the development of “The Writer’s Forum” and The Conjunto Music Museum.

Over my lengthy career, like everyone else, I have received recognition of various kinds; however, the one I treasure most is a humanitarian award that was presented to my wife and me for life-long contribution to the community.